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Blaise Lanzetta, Drums

Born into an artistically gifted family, Blaise began to display remarkable musical ability from an early age. He picked up drumming at the age of 3 and went on to also learn the guitar, piano, marimba and timpani. He earned his Bachelor of Music degree from Berklee College, which he describes as a transformative experience that elevated his skills to a professional level. A staple in the New York City scene since 2011, Blaise often writes, records, produces and performs with a number of artists including Devin Bing, Devin Bing and The Secret Service, Winston’s Crew Collective, Toothpick, Zigmat, Jeannine Hebb Band, 534, Knights by Night, Beau Black Band and more.

Blaise has performed at esteemed venues such as the Metropolitan Room, Somethin’ Jazz Club, Rockwood Music Hall and Dizzy’s Club in Lincoln Center and collaborated with a number of Broadway’s elites on variety shows “Broadway Sings Beyonce” and “Broadway Sings Adele”. When Blaise is not performing, he acts as a record producer, songwriter, music educator and in-demand session player in New York City and beyond.

See Blaise perform "Feeling Good" with Devin Bing.

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